Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hedgehog on a snow day...

The winter is so upside down. It has snowed and snowed...after a scorching hot summer. The weather is just not as usual...so we have been staying in quite a lot lately. Is snowed again on Monday, so...

what to do? What to make?

I decided to try a hedgehog. Some of you might now, they are incredibly popular amongst the "artsy set" and lovers of kawaii. Some of us have always liked them. Beatrix Potter introduced me to my first adorable hedgehog...The Tale of Tiggy-Winkle.

Now they are everywhere...on paper, fabric, in stuffed animals, etc. Steiff produced some of the cutest and whimsical and the vintage ones are quite adorable. New hedgies on Etsy are adorable as well...just type in hedgehog.

So, I decided to try one in felt with some really crazy fabric I had here. I say "crazy" because it falls apart at you cut it. The guy who cut it in the fabric store tried to talk me out of it because he knew what would happen. He was covered with the fabric as was the cutting table and everything around it.

After making a pattern and tweaking I came up with this hedgie. She informed me she is a girl and would like an apron and some accessories. She is 3 inches high and in a sitting position permanently. She says her name is Hedda and I believe her.
Hedda is not needle felted. She is sewn. I think I need to make her some friends. I do love working in wool felt.

What are you working on? What are you doing to stay busy if it snowing where you are? Sigh...the vernal equinox is March 20, 2011. I wonder if it will continue to snow here?

Back to work...as always,

enjoy the day!


peggy gatto said...

I am in love with a hedgehog!!!!
Years ago when I visited a family in finland, I saw the real thing, too darned cute!!!

Flutterby Patch said...

What an interesting post. I love 'facts'. That little hedgie is gorgeous. How about making her a family, each one being smaller than the one before, and see how small you go!!!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Love your hedgie, and she NEEDS an apron!
We have a lot of hedgehogs in the area where I'm living, you meet them in summertime, late nights and early mornings, the babies are soooo cute:)

AngelMc said...

Ohhhh she is soooo sweet and soooo cute. I love her.
Have she and Edie met yet?

Lena said...

Oh, I know, this weather is so unpredictable lately. We are having a tiny bit of snow today, but it may snow more during the nightime hours. It is much colder than usual for our part of the world, this time of year, by about 20 degrees or so. I'm wondering about the summer. I hope it is a nice one, warm enough to garden, but not too hot.

I love your Hedgehog. I've always thought they were charming too. A nephew of mine had one for a pet many years ago. They are very shy creatures, but charming to watch.