Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is starting to get old...

We are in the midst of another BIG storm. It is the third one in two weeks. At the moment we have more than a foot---maybe a foot and a half. It is supposed to snow most of the day.

It is not unusual to snow here in January but usually not so much at once.

There have been a a few other years with notable storms and blizzards that I remember...1978, 1988, 1996. This could be one of those years where it just keeps on snowing...and snowing...and snowing.

When the snow passes, we will see bright blue skies and sunshine. With that will come the coldest and windiest weather. It is always so deceiving after a storm.

Everything is pretty much closed in our area and it is still snowing. Some parts of the state may see 30 inches. It will take a while to dig out. So, for the moment, there is nothing left to do...but...

enjoy the day!

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Shelley said...

We have snow all through our Piney Woods here in East Texas...been there since the snow fell on Sunday...that is so unlike East is gone by the next day most of the time. I have really enjoyed looking at it but,with it is very cold temps....burr...stay warm...Shelley