Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am a like a broken record...

It snowed yesterday. It was supposed to be an "insignificant amount" but was 3-4 inches and required the snow blower to clear the sidewalk.

Today? Another storm on the way with the possibility of 6-12 inches. What can I say? It is only January. In the mid 90's we had 108 inches of snow one winter. It isn't as though we have never seen a lot of snow before...but it is still a lot for us.

It is a very good time to look at blogs. I have been catching up with a lot of blogs lately. It is really nice to be connected to people all over the world!

Here is something I created for an upcoming gift. I just decorated a purchased bird cage and altered it a bit. The butterflies are a nice diversion from the snowy weather.

It's hard to get a good photo because we have very gray skies. But I assure you the colors are very bright and summery!

Whatever your weather,
whatver your reason,
whatever your season,

enjoy the day!


Christine LeFever said...

That is a very delightful and spring like creation! The winter blues are turned into warm charm through your creativity. You are a star, Darlin'! ☆

Nancy said...

I always love your creations and this is another one.

You know I didn't do well with all the snow and gray. It was such a polar (ha!) opposite to the climates we had been living in for 20 years. What you are experiencing now is exactly what we had each year in Stowe, followed by rain and cloudy skies with a few weeks of the most glorious weather in either spring or fall. I imagine that is what people think of when they think of Vermont. Why would you travel there in snow or rain and most go for vacation. (exception being skiers, of course.

You helped me through and I so hope your internet friends will brighten your days, too. I have my little cards from you to remind me. Okay, all teary(it was really bad there! :-), so just a thank you from the heart.

April said...

Lovely sweet Spring magic! Just what you need!!! Hopefully the little butterfly will remind you there is softness and color and hope out there waiting in the Wings! Love the little pom poms on the cage too- all of it is so Pretty!!!

Beth said...

I like your Hal Borland quote; no January thaw this year, but plenty of seed catalogs! We are stone cold and snowy, but Internet friends truly help brighten the days.