Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Before the ice storm...

Before the ice storm, we were traveling around a bit and passed this ice sculpture in a parking lot. It was done with such beautiful precision.

I later found out it was a commissioned piece by a nearby restaurant. The Looney Tune figures were so well done! There is an article about it here...though I don't know if this link will be there when you get there!

It's always serendipitous when we come across something like this where you least expect it.

That was the last time we saw the sun. We have had a 24 hour storm of rain/sleet/ice and snow. They say the sun will come out later and melt some of the mess that has been created....just in time for 6-12 inches of snow predicted on Friday.

No sense fighting is what it is! So, I think that the only thing to do is...

enjoy the day!

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Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi there !

Beautiful ice sculpture!
It´s good when you can have SOME use for the snow and ice:)
We´ve had a terrible winter here in Sweden too,
during the Christmas holidays there were no traffic at all, everything stood still, the flights, the trains, buses etc, even Rudolph...
I´m longing for spring!
Have a great day Helen