Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where are the Bleues?

There was time here not so long ago that the Bleuettes commanded much attention, huge wardrobes and many photo ops.

This past year they have been neglected...again. They have been lingering in their summers duds despite the fact it snowed the other day.

"Madame," said Becassine, "the girls need attention!"

" S'il vous plait, could you get them into their coats?"

"Maman," said Odette, "when can I wear my ballet costume again?"

"Where is my brown dress?" asks Sido.

And then Marie, the wooden Raikes Bobette, reminded me that she would prefer to get back into her jammies and read.

LouLou, not to be outdone, asked, " where is my red dress?

Becassine is right of course. All the Bleuettes need attention...time for a wardrobe change. Maybe a little too soon for winter coats, but perhaps they could get dressed up for Thanksgiving.

Au revoir, and, as always...

...enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

Lovely your is always a pleasure to visit...blessings,Shelley

April said...

I want Marie's Life!!!! And I adore the girl's gorgeous coats and Odette with her red hair and lovely ballet pose!
Thank goodness Becassine was on top of things!!!
So nice to see the beautiful Bleuettes again!

Beth said...

Your Bleuettes are a joy to behold! Love this tiny girl with the incredible wardrobe :-)