Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Woolly needle felting fun...

Even though I needle felt a bit myself, I love collecting other artisan's work. As you already know, I feel the same about dolls and spun cotton figures. I make them...and I also buy them.

made this wonderful sculpture and the tiny mushrooms, too.
(My photography does not do this work justice.) Odile is an amazing artist and photographer. Please take a look at her photos...more than woolly fabulous. There is much to see and enjoy. Her jewelery is beautiful, too, and her photos of mushrooms are exquisite.

Speaking of needle felting, here is a little monkey that I made with a vintage plastic face that I purchased some time ago. At the time, I had no idea of what I might do with the faces.
The monkey on the left is a Steiff Jocko from the 60's. They are sitting on a saucer.

Right now I have several different projects in the works. The weather is cooler now and the autumn is beautiful around this part of New England.. The fall weather is energizing!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Flutterby Patch said...

What a talented lot you are across the pond. Sadly felting is less popular over here....not sure why.

Shelley said...

Love that little cute...I would love to visit New England in the Autumn...I have heard of its beauty...blessings

Christine LeFever said...

Your monkeys are not nervous sitting on a plate, are they? Of course not, because they are so cute. You did a darling job with your wee felted little guy. I must make time to do some felting. It is such a charming art form. You are such an inspiration, my dear!

April said...

OH!!! YOU GOT A WOOLYFabulous!!!! Oh I am SO Jealous!!!! LOVE IT!!! I will end up getting a piece of her jewelry, I know I will- she is Amazing!!!
And YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Love the little needle felted Chimp!!! Only you could have bought that monkey face and turned it into such a cute little Fellow!!! Your house is going to be taken over by mischievous MOnkeys!!!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Love your cute Monkey Friends!
You have done an excellent job by giving that little fellow a body!
Love the mushrooms too:)

Kim said...

OH…you MUST open an etsy shop, I want the opportunity to BUY one of those little monkeys instead of just gazing longingly at them…please do it soon so that I can buy one for fact do it now!! it doesnt take long