Wednesday, September 01, 2010

And on we went...

On to the wishing well!

by this enormous
hanging basket.

There was pond in a
and you could kiss a frog
to see if it was a prince.
Hannah declined.

We admired this
hutch in the greenhouse.

And Hanna couldn't resist
posing by this painting.

She found some
prime real estate
and was ready
to move into
this "tree house."

Sadly, we had to leave
but not before passing
by the urns in
the painting.

Truly, a visit to To The Umbrella Factory is worth the ride. Anywhere one rests the eye, there is a visual feast. The property is up for sale so we try to visit whenever we can...who knows how long this magical place will be here.

The first of September...temperature will be 94F today. It is as hot and humid as it was all summer. The latest hurricane may take a trip up the East Coast in a few days. There is something perverse about kids being back in school during such a heat wave. This is not normal weather for around here.

As always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

A magical place indeed....thanks for sharing...blessings

April said...

OH OH.....A REAL Wishing Well!!! I wonder what Wish Hannah made?? I love the little frog photo...I would have kissed him for sure! Such a fun place!
I'm with you...September was always the time to start back to school in Cool weather! Poor kiddos!!!

Beth said...

Lovely photo's, even in the heat and humidity. 90 here today, but the humidity is starting to diminish. Never thought I would look forward to winter :-)


Dawn said...

It looks like a place well worth visiting often. I am enjoying your Hannah photos. I may need to find a hutch and paint it pink and green. We have cooled off some here. We don't even have the air conditioners on tonight and it's cool in the house. You have to love the first cool breezes of September/1