Monday, June 07, 2010

Seeing thingz...

Somebody had a sense of humor...
that tiny stick couldn't
be holding up that
huge boulder.

We were shopping in New Haven

when a darling older couple
asked me what kind
of toy was in the cart.

I am only 5 feet tall
but they were shorter than I.
I had to bend down
to see what they meant.
They thought it was bug
or a space alien
or the newest toy.

They saw two eyes,
horns and
and a menacing look.
It is actually an ironing board.

It was that kind of weekend.

We were driving along a country road and saw something come out of the woods in front of the car. It was a large Black Bear lumbering along paying little attention to us. It had left a backyard and was on its way back to the woods. We were stunned. It happened too quickly to get a photo but it is something we will never forget!

We had record breaking high temperatures in the 90's, violent storms, and tornado watches. The weather rivaled the worst in August. Then it dropped 30 degrees within an hour.

Right now it is 54F after being over 90F yesterday afternoon. Such is New England...

A new week begins. As always,

enjoy the day!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I just "know" that is IKEA! Love it! Our Sunday project was rained out, but blue skies today and cool.

We are getting some "hi's" back on our daily walks. It's a resort village so I'm not sure if they are tourists, but I'm going with the thought that possibly someone in Stowe is saying "hi". It makes my day!(This after a month of walking and actually chatting with walkers we met along the way in New Orleans.)