Monday, May 24, 2010

In search of dessert...

We decided to have dessert
at the Blue Oar on the CT River...
and here is what we saw along the way.

We were rewarded at the trip's end
with a blueberry crumble tart.
A picture is worth
a thousand words...
and dessert was worth the trip!

The weekend went by far too quickly but there is a long weekend coming up. We have plans but they are always open to change. The open road takes us where it wants to go! Hope you had a good weekend, too.

As always,

...enjoy the day!

P.S. Martha and Jane invite you to drop by and hear about Oz!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

We've never been to the Blue Oar, but I've always wanted to take the extra half hour and go there after (or before) we see a show at the Goodspeed. Just never got around to it. I'm going to take your recommendation and make the jaunt next time ... I think the next show is in July (Carnival! - one of my favorites).

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment so I could follow the bread crumbs back here. I'm in New Haven - how far away are you? There are so many of us bloggers here in CT! LOL

April said...

What a beautiful trip! Oh, I almost feel like I am there in that last photo. I can smell the blueberry tart and hear the sounds of the water and see the gorgeous view and feel the warmth of the day...I just want to be there so I can EAT THAT TART! What a cute, colorful place!

tammy smith said...

Love the photos. Makes me wish I could be in New England right now eating that crumble tart. Keep up the lovely little dollies!

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a lovely day. I love the covered bridge Helen, thank you for taking that photo.

Anything with blueberries is a treat!