Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holiday plans and a new arrival....

I was walking
through the hallway
when I spotted
some activity on the staircase...

At the same time,
there was a knock at the door...

Hannah, a Beltie
(Belted Galloway cow)
had arrived
and was here to stay!

Look at that wardrobe! Look at her beautiful eyes! She was a surprise gift from April Ross, the most talented wonderful fine artist, puppeteer and needle felt artist. She is a darling new friend...April knows of my love of the Beltie. She is April's original creation.

After Hannah and I shared a cup of tea in the kitchen, she set off to join the waiting group of new friends on the stairwell. They are packed up and ready for a holiday picnic over Memorial day weekend. She wasted no time introducing herself.

All of us here
hope that your weekend
will be filled with
surprises, picnics,and

As always,

Happy weekend...

enjoy the day!

P.S. To April, a thousand times "thank you." I love Hannah!


April said...

This is the dearest gift you could have given me, Helen. Thank-you so much for the sweet story. Love you to pieces!

Eli said...

Oh my goodness, I love her. She looks quite at home with her new found friends.