Friday, April 30, 2010

Travelin' girl....

Remember Jane? She is my Valerie Weberpal doll. Valerie has really neat blog about one of her characters, Caruthers P. Davenport.

Jane, who adores Caruthers and his blog, is going to travel soon. She is a napper so she insisted on taking her naptime quilt with her.

She is off to visit a friend name Martha, another creation of Valerie's. Martha was adopted by April. There are going to be lots of adventures. Since the very talented April doesn't have a blog of her own, I will update you from time to time. April's Martha is quite an adorable character herself. And I think that Valerie might be sending a guest to April, too.

If you aren't reading Caruther's blog, you are missing a very good read! Valerie is a very good writer as well as creator of memorable characters. So, bon voyage, Jane! Have fun!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it is currently 30 something degrees and going up to the 80's for the weekend. This always make for interesting attire: layers that can be peeled off as the day gets warmer.

Outdoor soccer season starts tomorrow, so we will be up and out early. Not sure what the weekend will bring but it will be some very hot weather for here.

As always,

...enjoy the day

and have a happy weekend!


Nancy said...

Have a wonderful weekend! How fun it will be to go to soccer games. I loved sporting events when my son was younger.

Once again, I SO appreciate all the detail in your work. Amazing.

April said...

Oh My! Jane looks so snuggled and cute in her blankie! It makes me gargle like Abbot to see her! She looks very happy and I can see she will definitely have a comfortable ride. Too bad Airline Travel isn't that luxurious!
We're ready for her! MARTHA CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!

Valerie said...

Oh my!! So cute Helen!! Jane looked all snuggly in her box with her beautiful naptime quilt! I hope she has a marvelous time! I can't wait to read about Jane and Martha's adventures! Caruthers will be arriving at April's next week! This is all way too fun! : )