Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For the first time in a decade, we have gold finches at the feeder. We always purchase food that will attract them, but we just don't seem to get many visitors.

The photos are a bit blurry because I took them through a window and screen. It has turned cool again and the windows are closed.

This feeder is for smaller birds but yesterday a yellow shafted flicker tried to eat some seed. They are rather large and are ground feeders. I was surprised to see it at the feeder. The gold finches are lovely. The females are more olive than yellow and when the purple finches are there at the same time, it very colorful.

Seldom, do I spend ten straight hours on a project. Yesterday I had that opportunity. The good news is that I like what I created. The bad news is that I could barely sleep---my head was spinning with ideas for new creations. Today I will finish what I began yesterday but at a slower pace.

Can it be mid-week already? Have a good Wednesday...

enjoy the day!


Christine LeFever said...

It took ten years, and it was worth the wait. Lucky you!



Nancy said...

I do love the pic. It looks just fine on my phone! And, the little bear and pincushion are just too cute. Yes, I M very tradional about many pincushions being one of them. Amazed at the petite bear! What patience!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Helen, I bought the Chopper pattern too! Around Christmas time, but I still haven't made it, as I can't find mohair around here. I may have to order it. Your bear turned out great.

We have goldfinches here. They are our state bird. They love highly perfumed things it seems, and always show up in great numbers when our Hawthorn is in bloom. Once, I made potpourie, but made it too strong. I put the open box out on the front porch, and a little goldfinch dropped by to check it out. I swear it positively swooned! It lay there in a stupor.

Hope you have a lovely day today too!


AngelMc said...

I know very little about birds...I wonder if they come south. He is very handsome in his golden finery. The bear is very sweet and I hope that you post pictures of your latest creation....I can't wait. Really. I can't wait. So please post ASAP!!!