Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thunderous roar!

Water rushing over a fall

When the temperature was so high, the melting caused some flooding. Green grass emerged from beneath the snow and for one day, it felt like spring!

Water rushing over the bank of the stream

The water rushed over the banks of streams and even over roads. I wish you could have heard the thunderous roar of this stream.

Thunderous roar!

As luck would have it, the weather changed abruptly. Wind gusts of 50 miles per hour caused electricity to go out all over the state yesterday. The wind chill was below zero most of the day. (Windchill is what the wind makes the temperature feel like. The actual temperature was about 15 where I live.) I am guessing that there are some frozen pipes and plumbing problems to deal with.

The winds are now over and we will see temperatures above freezing today. Why do I care? The weather sets the day's agenda. We need to know to how to dress, where we might not go, etc. One can only imagine what the early settlers in cold climates went through as they coped with winter.

A new year and decade is around the corner. We are leaving behind a strange decade in my opinion. There is much to contemplate. I do not care for New Year's Eve because it is the anniversary of my mother's passing and that will always cloud the day for me. But, in all honesty, I never cared for it anyway.

I do like New Year's Day and the promise it holds for new beginnings. As we anticipate the new year...

enjoy the day!


Sugar Donkey Dolls said...

Wow beautiful pictures.

AngelMc said...

My first thought as I was reading your blog was ahhh the power of mother nature, she can not and will not be controlled, and then my second thought was sadness for you in the passing of your mother. I truly understand, it was 2 years before I would go back in her uncle lived there and I would go pick him up and sit in the car and wait on him. Time has slowly healed some of the pain...
I wish you and your family the very best the New Year has to bring. And Cici and GinGin say "Arfy New Year!!!!"

peggy gatto said...

As time goes on I hope you can celebrate your mothers life along with a new year. It takes time, I know! I bet there is a beautiful star in the night sky where your mother watches out for you.
take care

Beth said...

These pictures are amazing. It is always a wonder to see the power of nature in water. We've had some strong wind gusts but luckily no power outages. Happy new year!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Goodness that is a swolen raging creek!! What a beautiful bridge! When i saw your picture my first thought was "Bridges of Madison Co.", yes New Years is not a favorite of mine either!!
Many Hugs,