Monday, November 02, 2009

A cow of a different color or how now brown cow...

If you read this blog, you know by now that I cannot pass a Belted Galloway cow without taking a photo. Belties are usually black and white and reminiscent of an Oreo cookie.

Once in a while I could see a brown one but not too often. It was so much fun to come across these milk chocolate versions. This breed is so wonderful to me. They seem to love to be photographed...maybe because they are so photogenic?

Halloween is over and we had 95 trick-or-treaters. It was a warm windy night and our street looked fantastic with decorated homes and lots of tiny kids in great costumes. Some of the parents wore fabulous costumes, too. And Hank, our Yorkie, did not disappoint. He barked for three straight hours and wore himself out.

Our favorite ice cream place Canterbury Cones was open for the last time until the spring. So, now we know that summer REALLY is over. Their fat-free Purple Cow frozen Yogurt was my favorite--raspberry with white and dark chocolate chips!

Onward to Thanksgiving, onward to Monday!

Enjoy the day!


Elizabeth said...

I see a cow lying down, sign of coming rain!
Can't believe you had 95 visitors, I had 0!

April said...

We had 3 Trick-Or-Treaters. Not like the olds dsays. i cannot imagine 95!!! Good Grief! We took the dogs Trick-Or-Treating and they had a terrific time. Henry was a football player, his girlfriend, Star, and our Betty were cheerleaders, and Terrier Mack was the Football! Love those brown cows- that one with the big dot!!!

XUE said...

When they were smaller & for soooo long, my kids thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows!

molly jean said...

I see you on flickr, of course, but it has been a long time since I checked your blog! I love the "oreo" cows; I am a totally unfamiliar with the breed. This is not a dairy area, West Texas, but every time I travel I look at cattle. I will be looking for the Galway Belted, next time I go to East Texas! My parents and grandparents raised cattle, even milked cows and several of my children aspire to return to a rural existence some day.

Thanks for the encouraging comment about my sewing area cleaning! I hope to sew dolls again, soon!