Monday, November 23, 2009

Another warm and sunny weekend...

How was your weekend? It was another sunny warm weekend in southern Connecticut. We accomplished a great deal. The leaves are finally raked and bagged, we have made a dent in Christmas shopping, groceries have been procured, and we even had time for a ride to Rhode Island.

We took these photos by a stream near an old mill which has been converted into an antique store. It has been so warm that mushrooms are growing where there should be snow.

Time to get going here and start the day. Happy Monday...

enjoy the day!


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

It has been warmer in Vermont, too. There is no snow yet for which I am thankful, because that means no plowing! Actually, today we have a blue sky. And, for that I am exceedingly thankful.

I had hoped to frame your precious little works of art and then surprise you with a thank you post. While not in my possession yet, the perfect frame is out there and I know of a perfect place to set them. My plan is to change them out with the season.

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate original art and to get the details on something so small is painstaking.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Christina said...

sweetheart, the weather looks divine there!
beautiful photos.