Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend images...

Someone has a good sense of humor. We spotted a sea creature along the beach.

Upon closer inspection, we saw this Nessie type sea serpent out on the rocks. Too funny!

This wonderful antique store in Putnam, CT, has some of the most unusual and older antiques in it. As we passed through the doors, Edith Piaf's voice rang out through the historic old mill building.

For me, it doesn't get better than that. We explored every room in this wonderful old building and it almost felt like being in a movie.

Now it Monday. Our neighbors leave at 4:10 and 4:30 almost every day. They slam the doors, they run their engines, and Hank, our Yorkie is ready to be up and about. We are so used to their schedule that we awaken when they don't go to work. We get up at 5 anyway, so now we awaken earlier. The houses are a driveway apart in this old neighbor hood and many do not have driveways at all. There is parking on the street on one side only...our side! Such is life.

Happy Monday!

Enjoy the day!


April said...

Wow! I wish I would have been with you this past weekend- what a lovely Fall trip. Nessie is too fantastic! How clever! And how nice to think there is somewhere you can create fantasy and not have it stolen (I'm afraid Nessie would have been long gone if she appeared on the Arkansas River)Nothing better than a good Sea Monster and a good antique shop! The perfect day!

Christina said...

these images are so gorgeous!