Friday, September 04, 2009

Come with me...through the tunnel...

Stone tunnel

to a beautiful country road.....

Beautiful country road

New England stone wall

Turkey brood

There is so much beauty this time of year. I have to be careful because I want to photograph everything to preserve it for a distant winter day.

The long holiday weekend is just about here. What are your plans?

In the old days, Labor Day was a time for the last big picnic of the summer. It was the time to stop wearing white clothes and shoes, to reap summer's harvest, and time to go back to school. Yet, in actuality, there are a few more official weeks of summer left, so I think I will let the beauty unfold as I await fall's splendor ...and maybe even wear white a few more times...drink iced tea...and enjoy a few more ice cream cones!

Enjoy the day...

and have a wonderful weekend!


AngelMc said...

I would love to be standing next to that stone fence about right now and enjoying the beauty. Those fences are famous aren't they? I would love to see one someday.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Lovely Helen!

I know, I tend to rush autumn usually, but this year, I'm trying to slow down, and ejoy these last days of summer.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Zaa said...

Yes, this is a lovely time of year and I'd like to think that we can hold on for a few more weeks and really enjoy the fading essence of summer. I think a nice cup of tea sounds great. Thanks for the picturesque talk/walk on your blog. It left me refreshed.