Friday, September 11, 2009

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Cheap and easy...

Here is one of those altered art projects that my friend and I are swapping. This is a wooden skeleton we purchased from a local craft store. A little paint, some fabric scraps and yarn and you can create a witch decoration for very little money.

There are so many cute wooden items available of the holidays. Although meant for kids, they can be decorated by grown up kids, too. Some glow in the dark paint would add a spookier effect to this neon witch.

The weekend it almost here and we might be having some well needed rain. I am still catching up around here and need to get back into some sort of schedule.

There is a very neat giveaway at Soul Aperture. This is a lovely and inspirational blog and the author is a very talented photographer and writer. Check it out. I think that you will be inspired.

Might be a good day to make soup. It's only 52F here this morning with a gusting wind.

Enjoy the day...

and have an enjoyable weekend!

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April said...

This Witchy Skelly is so cute- another fun things the kids could do! Thanks so much for sharing.