Monday, September 21, 2009

As graceful as a swan...

We came across this family of swans bathing and preening in the brilliant morning sun. They didn't care that I was standing on the bank. When I spoke to them, they looked up for a moment and then went right back to preening.

About an hour later, we passed them again and they were still in the same spot enjoying the warm and breezy morning.

The weekend went by too quickly. Autumn is kissing the maples. They are tinged with brilliant red and orange. We hear the same refrain everywhere: "wish the weather could be like this year round!"

This glorious weather will extend through the week. The autumn equinox happens here tomorrow and then it will be official that fall has arrived. For is the last day of summer.

Enjoy the day!


Elizabeth said...

It was a gorgeous day here, too! Welcome to the NE Bloggers, you're on the list.
If you'd like to receive sporadic notes when I think of a little thing for us to do, send me an email.
e_bogardus AT hotmail

Mrs. Staggs said...

We never see swans here, but I remember them in other parts of the country, from when I was small. They are so beautiful, and you've captured the autumn light so wonderfully in these photos.