Friday, August 14, 2009

Paper wallets...

Although we have been traveling around a lot lately, from time to time I have worked on art projects. Regular readers know that I trade art every week with my friend and recently we swapped "paper wallets."

Mine had a Parisian theme and I "antiqued" it to look vintage. This was achieved with inks, chalks, and stamps. My own original art work and graphics were used for the components, as well as images of the Eiffel tower from old post cards that I scanned and manipulated. The components: calling cards, luggage tags, two ATC cards and a letter. I wrote my letter in French and antiqued the writing paper.

It is a fun concept and would be a great birthday card/gift if you personalize the components. The wallet itself is simply folded card stock. It doesn't even have to be glued up the center, but I glued mine. We cut ours at angles as you can see but that isn't even necessary. You don't have to antique it. It could be filled with anything of interest to the recipient. Tie it up with ribbon and it will stay together.

It's official! Not only is Halloween here but Thanksgiving and Christmas are here, too! How do I know this? Yesterday I continued some birthday festivities and did some marathon shopping with a friend. The stores are filled with holiday items and promoting holiday sales. Meanwhile, it has finally become hot and humid so fall and winter are not so relevant to me at the moment.

It' s almost the weekend!

Whatever the weather,

whatever the season,

enjoy the day!


Christina said...

I am absolutely SWOONING over this parisian love!

Eileen said...

You always put so much time and thought into your paper makings. Not everyone can just whip up something like this you know. Love it!

And I guess I am thinking about the holidays already too. But that's all I'm doing is thinking.

crimsoncat05 said...

happy belated birthday! I love the paper wallet idea!! (and yes, I have also seen the holiday things in the craft stores- I tried not to look, though, since it's still well over 100 degrees here!)