Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scottish lass

Dollz' dolls

Thought it would be fun to show a few dolls for a few days. This one is a very recent acquisition. This Edith Flack Ackley pattern doll is made by Carole Bailey of KY. Don't you just love this Scottish lass? Carole is an accomplished seamstress and a sought after dresser of antique dolls. Her work is always exquisite and her beautiful doll clothes grace some amazing antique dolls.

Yes, I still collect and make dolls but who would know? I keep posting travels and paper art.

But, isn't that how it is? Too many interests, too little time! Throw in family, work, housework, etc., and we are all pretty busy all of the time. Even blogging and photographing is time consuming! My hat is off to all who blog, create, and/or take the time to read blogs. It keeps us connected.

Whatever you do today...

don't forget to

Enjoy the day!

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AngelMc said...

such a cutie. you have the most wonderful dolls. where do you keep them all?