Monday, July 20, 2009

Postcards from Vermont....

Over weekend, I took other photos besides the flags. We happened upon an ice cream social in Marlboro, VT, in front of a church. Marlboro Congregational church was "organized" in 1776. It was a really old fashioned "social." The ice cream was handmade and so delicious! I took a photo of this church last winter and it is here. Looks quite different, doesn't it?

Tasha Tudor resided in Marlboro and one of the ladies serving ice cream told me she had been her neighbor. Of course, "neighbor" means many miles apart in this area that is still heavy with unpaved roads and large farms.

We passed by several covered bridges, but Scott Bridge is interesting. People were diving off it into the water. After a while they replaced the boards they had removed from the sides. We enjoyed lunch parked under a tree and watching the swimmers. It was breezy and quite cool.

Vermont has so much natural beauty. We came across this beautiful pond deep in the woods with this wonderful architecture in the middle.

Now it is Monday again and I am looking at a very large list of things to accomplish this week. The weather was glorious all weekend, but I think the humidity has crept in and it just plain humid this morning.

Enjoy the day...

Happy Monday!


paris parfait said...

Looks like a lovely trip! Thanks for sharing these images. Handmade ice cream - the perfect summer treat!

Christina said...

Great photos!! So glad they replaced those boards. I do love the beauty of a bridge.
; )