Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a boy!

The other day I mentioned that I had another doll cut out and ready to stuff. He is another tiny one, smaller than usual. As I was working on the doll, it "told me" that it wanted to be a boy doll. He didn't really tell me, but doll personalities usually emerge as they are being created and worked on.

So, meet Timothy who is little under 4 inches tall. Like any little guy, he wanted to play, so here he is showing the girls how to work a marionette. The girls gave him a present: a little wagon with a frog in it and some toys they thought boys would like to play with.

Some incredible humidity had the nerve to move in a ruin our nice cool summer. But everyone I have spoken with recently agrees that this is the MOST beautiful summer in decades. Gardens are thriving despite the lack of sun and I have seen breathtaking flora everywhere.

Can it possibly be Friday? The week went by in a flash. I worked on some art projects this past week as well as the little dolls and will share them next week. We are probably going to take a few days to ramble around the back roads of New England but I will be checking in.

Enjoy the day....
have a wonderful weekend!


tree said...

Love the little guy. Edie has several friends now. - tree

AngelMc said...

OMGosh H!! He is adorable. I bet all the girls are really excited to have a brother. Have a great weekend and post some pixs.

Eileen said...

Your first boy..?? He is truly wonderful. And looks nothing like a girl for sure. :-)
The Pinocchio puppet is perfect for him!