Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It must be Wednesday....

but I have lost track of time this week. I am like little Edie above...waiting for things to be completed or at least get started. I have some dolls around here waiting for clothes, to be stuffed, to be finished. Other projects need completion, too.

It is usually quite humid and warm in this part of New England this time of year. We had so much rain earlier and now so much humidity that we have barely seen a blue sky this summer. As I look out into the light gray sky, it is hard to tell what time of day it is. The dew point has made it very uncomfortable for the moment with promises of big thunderstorms later today. It's a good day to work on some of these unfinished projects. One word: murky!

Whatever the weather,

I hope that you..

enjoy the day!

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AngelMc said...

It has been a rather wet summer here, but it is great for me, 'cause it cools things down. And I'm sort of a rainy day person, I love to pile up in the bed and watch the rain and doze and read and doze.
Please post a picture of the doll.
Tell Edie I said hi.
Oh yeah--love the goats, I have a friend whose children show goats in 4-H. And they are some expensive goats too.