Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My friend and I decided to make books for each other as our next swap. The book would be made from six tags and assembled with a cover.

We chose summer as a theme and decided that the back and front of the tags would be decorated and that we would make two sets so we would each own a book in the end. (One of the problems with swapping regularly is that we have very little of our own art in our homes.) The theme is "summer."

When we were planning this, we didn't take into account that six tags times two sides equals twelve images PLUS a cover page finished on both sides. I used my original art which I had scanned and then shrunk to size and printed. The result was the mini collages below. I added paper, rubber stamping and fiber.

Then those 14 images would be made by twice resulting in 28 completed tags. Whew!

We have now decided to do another book but haven't decided on the format yet. We are leaning towards just as many pages and possibly using nature as a theme again. Involved? Yes! But, I am glad that I have a book to keep. Maybe next time I will make three and sell one.

Tomorrow I am off to Brimfield to the HUGE flea market. It doesn't appear that it will be too hot and there is no rain in the forecast. I may or may not take a camera. My friends and I usually walk around at least 6 hours --and we are not young chicks! I usually get so caught up in the wonder of the place that I forget to take photos. So, see you in a day or two. In the meantime,

stay creative...

and enjoy the day!


AngelMc said...

sweet, very sweet. please take pix-- i will be jealous.

Christina said...

OMGoodness!!!! These are glorious!!!
I heart these!