Friday, June 19, 2009


In a ladle

A new little doll

Close up

who fits in a ladle

EFA paper doll
and became a paper doll

This new little doll is for a friend. But, before she leaves the roost, I photographed her to make a paper doll for another friend for our weekly swap. It felt good to make a cloth doll again. It has been a few months since I worked on one. I wish that I could take better photos of glitter. She is a glittery gal and catches a lot of light. She is 4 inches tall and made from the same sized pattern as Edie, my travel doll.

The weekend is just around the corner. It's been raining off and on all week and the colors outdoors are just beautiful. It's as green as emeralds and I think there will be a lot of lawn mowing this weekend. Everything is growing like crazy! Not exactly sure what our plans are as of yet but I know wherever we go, it will beautiful.

Enjoy your day..

and have a wonderful

and safe weekend!


April said...

I adore your little doll! Are those ruby slippers? In the ladle she looks to be in the middle of a Fairy Tale! The Witch is going to cook her for dinner. Okay...someone else continue and tell us what happens next...........

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Ooh Helen , she is just precious!!!! Soooo Tiny!!!! OMG!!!!!....
...She clicked her heels together, three times...but wait... ooh no Toto, wheres Toto?

Eileen said...

Your friend is going to LOVE her. And so do I!

April said...

It wasn't Toto who saved the day- it was Hank! Dollie clicked her heels together three more times, and Hank appeared in a puff of smoke. As the Wicked Witch bent down to add Dollie to the soup, Hank bit her! The Witch screached horribly, and Hank saw his chance. He grabbed Dollie in his mouth and ran for the Fairy Woods. Once there, he gently set Dollie down on a soft bed of pine needles. For a final time, Dollie clicked her heels together, and she and Hank disappeared. They arrived safe and sound in a cozy Connecticut kitchen. Helen, The Good Witch of the East, will take care of them!

a painter said...

April, leave it to you to create a great story line! Dollie clicked her heels and off she flew to another part of the country on her own.

Poor Hank, the resident Toto, didn't know what to think.....but I told him it is only a matter of time before another dollie might appear.