Monday, June 29, 2009

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A beautiful weekend...

It was weekend of wild weather and great beauty. Violent storms ripped through on Friday evening and took down trees and delivered heavy rains. By Saturday, it was a beautiful as it gets and really green.

Everywhere I looked, here was a photo to be taken. These were taken over two days and on opposite sides of the state. Miniature donkeys seem to be turning up everywhere and and I am enchanted with them. (They are sometime referred to as "dinkey" rather than donkey.) See how small they are compared to the bird house in one photo? They are not as big as Great Danes dogs that I have seen lately.

That beautiful home at the top of the page carried me back to another time, a different century. New England has thousands of old, old homes and I am a lover of early American architecture.

Now it is Monday and there is lots to do....and it is raining again. No is a fine day to be alive.

Enjoy the day

...whatever the weather!

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AngelMc said...

love the beautiful pictures. wish i was picnicing next to those stones, gazing up at that beautiful expanse of green grass and gorgeous house......