Monday, June 08, 2009


It was a spectacular day yesterday. Though we intended to stay put and work around the house, we were off and running in the early afternoon. We stopped off at the Essex Steam Train station of on our way to Essex marina. Though we were too late to take a ride, we still had fun checking out the engines.

There were lots of antique cars on the road yesterday and I loved this one.

The Mary E schooner had just docked over at the marina, and it was wonderful to sit on a bench and take in the boats and harbor view.

We ended up getting Mexican take out food and eating at beach. It was just too beautiful to dine indoors. A fine way to end the weekend.

Monday, Monday.

Back to the work week!

Enjoy your day.

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Eileen said...

What a pertty weekend. and the sky looks so clear and blue.
Would be fun to take a ride in one of those cars, But I wouldn't want it to be my only mode of transportation. Unless we all went back to small town living.