Monday, March 02, 2009

Snowed in...

A foot of snow is in the works. We are halfway there now. Up until last night, the snow had cleared away and it looked like early spring.

Here are some images taken over the weekend. There seemed to be a recurring theme with tower-like structures. I love spires and towers, steeples and spires, cathedrals and other structures that soar skyward.

Gatehouse, Hitchcock Farm, Millbrook, NY

Clock tower, Sharon CT

Monument, Fort Griswold New London CT

Of course, all of these locations are buried under snow now. These late winter storms can be big and messy. The entire East Coast has been affected by this storm.

When it stops snowing, there will be photo-ops. For now, it is windy and dark outside and the wind chill is expected to be 10-15 below zero here tonight. So much for spring.

Enjoy the day wherever you are and whatever the weather!


AngelMc said...

the wind chill below 15 degrees...i just can't imagine. all our little "light dusting of snow" is gone. the sky is a bright blue and i guess our litte smidgeon of winter is gone for good. stay safe and warm and keep us posted.

Linda said...

These are interesting places and not too far from me here in Connecticut. Believe it or not, we have a new covered bridge here in Trumbull. It was built around 10 years ago and very nice if you want to visit. However, it's not the OLD covered bridges we've visited in upstate CT. thanks for posting. Linda