Friday, March 13, 2009

Kiss the cook....

Our home is 99 years old. The ceilings are are just seven feet above the floor. As a result, we have lighting that is either recessed or very flat against the ceiling. Above is the fixture in our kitchen.

Yesterday I applied vinyl lettering which I bought in a craft chain store. These vinyl letters are also abundant on eBay where I saw many other quotes I loved.

But--I had a discount coupon in my hand and it was just the right size and sentiment, so I went for immediate gratification.
( The shade on the light doesn't heat up.) Easy to apply, easy to remove and very whimsical. My husband read it and I am happy to say it resulted in a kiss.

Finding whimsy isn't easy these days. A few weeks ago, my husband's workplace closed abruptly and he was notified by a message on our answering machine. We navigated the dark waters of unemployment compensation, lack of jobs in his field, and the inability to find affordable health care. Fortunately for us, the company reopened and he is back at his high tech job-- for the moment.

My commitment now is to find more whimsy every day. Maybe that's why I love those whimsical cows and photographing dolls and making art. And, I discovered during this time that blogging and reading blogs is one of my favorite things to do and can provide brightness and whimsicality to a person's life despite other things going on.

Enjoy your day and the weekend-- and look for the whimsy!


clothnut said...

A whimsy "every day"...what a wonderful idea! To be "whimsied" (I checked Webster from 1966 -my Father-in-law's copy..LOL) could solve the woes of our world! I stood by kitchen counter where Hot Chocolate maker is located ("Hot Chocolate"is printed on container)& noticed DH smiling at ME with a twinkle in his eyes! Needless to say...he "Kissed The Cook"!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of living in a 99-year-old home! Oh yes, we must always look for the whimsy to keep our spirits up. Love the "kiss the cook" addition to your light fixture. Hope all goes well for your husband; high-tech skills are always in demand, so it is hoped whatever happens, he will be fine.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

What a very special sentiment to receive while cooking a delicious meal!!!!
Thank You for stopping by my blog and for the sweet compliment on my Ben!!!!
Big Hugs from Jackie who is now looking for the Whimsy too!!!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Helen I was going to ask if you sell your dolls, or do you collect dolls?

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love words, and old signs and things like that. I think your letters remind me of that.

I'm glad that your husband has returned to work. We've been experiencing alot of the same within our own extended family, but fortunately, most everyone is back to work, at least at temporary jobs. Our own immediate family is doing ok, but it's hard not to worry about everyone.

I try to look for whimsy everyday. I really do.