Friday, February 06, 2009

Good morning from a frozen tundra....

Well, not really. It is actually 5 degrees here with lots of snow and it is probably not nearly as bad as a tundra.

As my husband headed out into the dark for his commute to work, we lingered for a moment looking out the storm door and wished for some warmer weather to melt away the deep piles of snow that are piled up between sidewalk and cars. In some places, we cannot even see a car on the other side. Makes for exciting driving!

We live in the middle of an old New England town. The city streets are narrow and parking is only allowed on one side of the street at any time. With so much snow piled up, the streets have become so narrow that vehicles cannot get by each other as normal. Every intersection is a hazard with snow piles blocking the view. Forget walking...people cannot keep up with the amounts of ice and snow and the sidewalks are hardly passable. I walked yesterday but mostly in the street.

Thank you to all of you who wrote to me about Molly. We really appreciated your kind words. It is strange without her. We were talking about the fact that neither one of us has known a time without cats in many, many decades. Perhaps we will rescue one in the future but animals are a big commitment and we need to think about the commitment (vet bills, food, litter, etc.). Our last four cats lived from 16 to 20 years old.

This week is nearly over and the weekend is almost here. It will be a very cold one here but without snow. What are your plans? I often wonder how my readers spend their time.

Before the weekend arrives officially, I have many projects to tackle and should start right now.

Enjoy the day! Hope that you will have a happy, safe, weekend.


Eileen said...

The mouse and the Sally Mavor doll look so adorable together.. very happy.

I've been in towns where the streets are like that in the winter.. hard to drive at all!

Hope you get all your thigns done.

Ani said...

Well I guess I live in a climate at the opposite end of the spectrum. This weekend will be sunny and warm, 70 degrees. The last 3 days have been frigid for us, highs in the 30's lows in the 20's at night. This type of weather calls for an extra quilt on the bed!! Alas, we don't get much snow. In fact, last week we had a whole 1/4 inch! The first real snowfall in almost 6 yrs. We have lots of sand - does that count? Being sanded in?! LOL!!

I'm planning on finishing a couple of swaps this weekend and starting a new cloth doll AND a new quilt. Grand plans, will have to see if it all jells. But for it to happen I have to stay away from the computer!

Hope you have the best weekend and get ALL your projects going. Bye for now, Ani

carole said...

We are having 50 to 60 degree weather this weekend - yah - . It is so nice to think of being warm after the single digit temperatures. Maybe our colds will have recovered enough to start on the mountains of broken trees and limbs from last weeks ice storm. The magnolia is broken up over three lawns.

LouAnne said...

I found your BLOG! Have bookmarked to visit often. Lulu's dad says your picture of the street looks like a Christmas card or scene from a movie! LOL.....
LouAnne (Lulu's Mum"