Monday, February 02, 2009

Eyes like a hawk...

I actually do have eyes like a hawk though seeing anything placed in front of me is a challenge.

I spotted these two in a tree as we were traveling along a country road. We are used to seeing singular, lone hawks in trees everywhere, particularly along highways. Hawks, eagles and falcons are abundant in Southern New England.

Those big white chests stood out like plastic grocery bags that have become stuck on tree branches. I had to look twice.

Seeing two hawks hanging out on a branch in the sun was exciting for this blogger who loves birds! I am reasonably certain these are goshawks due to the white streaks or "eyebrows" above their eyes. They can be as long as 26 inches and I have seen many this recently including one on a lawn on our street last fall. Click on the photos to see the details of their markings.

This has been a great winter for spotting wildlife, and I was happy to have my camera handy. There is so much snow on the ground, it was impossible to get to take a truly great photo and they were quite far away as well. Still, I am still happy to have captured a brief glimpse into their winter day. I will hold that image in my mind for a long time. They seemed quite regal to me.

Enjoy the day...and may you delight in seeing the unexpected!


Ani said...

This is so interesting - I too saw the very same type of hawk perched in a leafless shrub on the way to work last week here is coastal N.C.! He was by himself, the shrub surrounds a very large retention pond that regularly hosts a variety of waterfowl. I'm used to seeing geese/ducks, herons, egrets and seagulls since we're but 5 miles from the sea - but never a hawk! Thanks for sharing the pix. Best, Ani

Eileen said...

Wow.. look at that blue sky too. Perfect backdrop for those hawks. Wonderful photo!

Couture de Papier said...

I saw hawks when I lived in Cohasset..I am in Hull..hell oops where are you? digging out!