Monday, January 26, 2009

Duck, duck, goose...
swan and sea gull, too...

Call me crazy but I find birds and waterfowl irresistible. The outdoor elements don't seem to faze them and they are out and about in any weather. Click on the photos to see a bird's eye view.

If you look at the signs by the swans, you can see the warning about feeding them. They have been known to congregate on the street and stop traffic for long periods of time, refusing to budge and honking with hostility at anybody brave enough to approach them. New England is ridden with swans to the point that they have become pests. Sometimes hundreds come up on this beach in Long Island Sound.

As for these geese, they are living on pond on a town green in a shoreline CT town. I have heard stories about how prolific they have become at breeding. They are very tame. They are also aggressive like the swans. They were approaching me for a handout and would have jumped in the car with me if I had not been quick. Duck and cover...literally!

In the course of some traveling we did over the weekend, we saw turkey vultures, lots hawks, and a flock of robins. Yes, robins! They don't leave our part of New England in the winters any more. Make me will I know it is spring? Maybe the ground hog will let us know. One lives under our shed. With the leaves off the trees it is really easy to see a lot of wildlife this time of year--even in the middle of town.

Keep your eye out for our feathered friends...and enjoy the day!

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Eileen said...

Oh I love looking at these pictures of the geese. But. I do NOT like geese. The Canadian geese have become such a pest around here.. it is hard to walk around the pond at the township park without stepping in something. But they are pretty so look at.