Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look who is sitting in my chair!

Last week a very large box arrived at my door. As I unwrapped it, I couldn't imagine what was in it. I recognized the return address but was not expecting anything in the mail.

When I discovered what was inside the box, you could hear me a few houses away!

It is a pristine Becassine doll and a very large one at that! She is 27 inches tall and unique in size. I think she is artist made but she is so well done that it is hard to tell. She is wearing a wool dress and all the clothes one would expect to find on Becassine.

She accompanied me to doll club on Monday and you can see how tall she is. The dolls around her are mine but not that tiny bisque--she belongs to a fellow doll club member.

All the Becassine dolls I have seen have been much smaller. I have made one myself and other cloth doll makers have made them, too, especially those who enjoy Bleuette.

There are relatively few dolls considering the popularity and longevity of the character. If you want to know more about Becassine look here and here.

Let me give a really special shout out to April (a very talented person herself) and say THANK YOU and merci beaucoup. I love this doll so much!

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Becassine has made herself quite at home. And she looks like the ultimate Nanny! I am so happy you love her, Helen. Are Grand Becassine and petite Becassine keeping you up at night with their gossip? Becassine could not have found a more perfect family!

Hugs to you all! Avril.

a painter said...

Becassine!'Elle est une belle poupée!

Merci, encore!