Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's that time of year....Boo!

Halloween is next month and after that, fall and winter holidays will follow. Of course, Halloween is (commercially) over around here as Christmas items are quickly replacing the Halloween in the stores.

Here is a little witch I made from an Edith Flack Ackley pattern. She is around four inches tall. My goal is to make a Thanksgiving doll and possibly a Christmas doll. Maybe even a doll for Kwanzaa. I will make at least one of them bigger, probably 12 inches tall. I always have these plans but I am not sure if I will really get them done. Time will tell.

Time to get moving here.

Enjoy your day!


Eileen said...

This is cuter than anything I have ever seen.

Christine LeFever said...

She is darling, and of course, very scary! NOT!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!

Malphi said...

Oh I have her book...isn't it great. There's something special about old out of print books..makes them more treasured. I love Edith's dolls and you've done her face really well..that's the bit I always muck up!