Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekend again!

Can it be Friday already and the first of August? This week flew by in a flash.

I have spent a lot of time on various art projects this past week. Here is a small sample. They can be very addictive and I have been creating them for several years. I will use these images in a variety of way in different projects.

They are a nice break from reality, the news, and darker images that seem to be everywhere. They are rather innocent and on the childish, naive side. They are the kinds of drawings that one could never submit to an art professor or could even imagine to be "serious art." Yet, they are light hearted and whimsical and often ironic and humorous. My grands love them and so do my friends. There are many artists creating happy little figures these days and I love them all when I see them.

Have a creative day matter what your artistic genre might be. Have a wonderful weekend, too!

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eileen said...

I love your little drawings. They bring me many smiles. :-)