Friday, August 08, 2008

A quilt saga....

Well....I made a quilt. I had big intentions of making it for a much larger doll bed. When I took out the bed, I realized that it is way too big to display here and the bed would be much better donated to someone who has more display space than I.

Eileen and Ulla have a summer stash challenge going on. You can see some photos of the fabulous work being done here. Needless to say, my little quilt is less than the size of a real quilter's square! (My apolgies to those of you who have made some wonderful quilts. I urge everyone to view them.) I made a slightly larger version last year and tossed the remaining scraps and squares into a basket. It is five inches by five and a half.

The dolls love the new quilt and there was a toss-up as to whether Edie or Hitty would end up with it. Edie is my 4 inch cloth travel doll I made many years ago from the Edith Flack Ackley doll house pattern. I carved Hitty from maple many springs ago and her actual name is Hitty Primavera. To be honest, they both have tons of quilts and other accessories but a new item always seems to stir up competition. Hitty won.

The heat waves seem to be over here for the moment and the crickets are very loud this morning signaling mid-summer. Summer isn't really over until late September so we are heading to some very nice weather now. I always thought that it was shame that children return to school in the nicest part of the summer.

I see that it is the weekend again. Where did a whole week go? Enjoy your day! Enjoy your weekend!


eileen said...

I love both of those little dolls. Edie looks very cute on that quilt.. poor little thing losing to Hitty. You are going to have to hurry and make her one of her own.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a quilter, but I love to sew. I think if I were to make a quilt it would be a nice little doll quilt, not because I think they're easier, but because I don't have to start on a huge project I would never finish ;) Love your talent!~~~XXOO, Beth

malphi said...

Beautiful! Lucky dolly!