Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Bleues....

My Bleuettes enjoy the summer and wearing summer clothes. These reproduction dolls were made by Anne Luree Leonard. For those who don't know, they are around 11 inches tall. Bleuette has recently enjoyed her 100th anniversary and the Internet is rich with places and on-line doll lists where you meet and greet this very popular doll. If you love to sew, there are hundreds of authentic vintage and antique patterns available. The doll with the short dark hair is a Robert Raikes Bobette, made of wood.

These photos make me smile and hopeful for better weather. So far, this summer has been mostly unpleasant-- unlike the cheery photos above which I took last summer. The sky is a soupy gray every day due to the high humidity and smog. Sunshine has been fleeting...maybe a few minutes here and there.

I have been waiting for a clear, sunny day with blue skies in order to take some photos outdoors, but that hasn't happened since late spring. Right now we are having the weather associated with the hurricane that has headed out to sea. It is like sub- tropics here in New England today! Hopefully, we will have some rain later because it has not rained here for several weeks and we have just finished six days with daily temperatures over 90 degrees. Getting a little crunchy under foot out there like autumn but we are only a third of the way through the summer.

Enjoy your as carefree as these Bleuettes...whatever the weather!


Catherine said...

Those dolls are absolutely wonderful! I hope your weather improves -- we've had nothing but overcast days all week with more thunderstorms forecast for today!

Michelle Mahler said...

Very precious...I love you photography. Michelle Mahler