Monday, June 30, 2008

Flea Market Find

Good morning, Monday. It was a very soggy, humid, storm-ridden weekend.

We ventured out to a favorite flea market near the shoreline and were surprised to see only a handful of dealers and very few shoppers. High humidity, heat and threats of storms kept the public away.

I think that was good luck for me, because this old doll would have been snapped up before I got there had the weather been good. She is a Mexican doll in her original box. She is in good to excellent condition and from an era when these souvenir dolls were very detailed and very expressive, in the 1930's and 1940's. She is marked 1927 on the box but that could just be the model number. I love her big feet and sandals and the fact that her face is made in such a way that she has teeth. I tried to walk away from her but I couldn't.

I always wonder who made souvenir dolls and who bought them long ago. The workmanship is lovely on this one. I have some wonderfully detailed dolls in my collection. Eventually, I hope to show some here.

In the mean time, this weather pattern is predicted to extend indefinitely. The humidity and the dew point are very high and continues to be gray. There is a a lot of smog. Despite this, it is not as bad as CA, and other places that are experiencing fires and smoke. I am grateful for a/c and for the rains we have had. We often have droughts here in early summer. New England looks like a lush tropical jungle. The landscape is amazingly beautiful with intense colors and foliage.

Enjoy your Monday.


eileen said...

That truly is an amazing find to add to your collection. Beautiful doll! In the original box! I love how the maker created her face.
You did not mention her size.. is she around 12"?

Christine LeFever said...

What an unusual doll. She is very unusual and apparently in mint condition. Imagine her all the way up there in New England.

That is so weird about your weather.

Christine (Zwee!!!)