Thursday, May 08, 2008

It is beginning to feel like spring. The scent of lilacs is almost over-powering but welcome. The leaves are popping out on the trees and the cherry trees and dogwoods are blossoming all at once.

The new dryer arrived today, so my clothes line and I will be no longer meeting as we have been the past few days. It was a good relationship and we will resume our affair from time to time to dry bed sheets on the line.

For 20 years I didn't have a dryer by choice. I have only had a dryer for twelve years and it was love at first sight. Before that I was "saving" electricity. I recycled, bundled newspapers, used cloth shopping bags and energy saving appliances. I dried clothes on dryer racks, over heat vents, in the basement and outdoors.

Now it is "hip" to do what I have been doing since the 70's. I am getting older. The only thing "hip" about carrying a load of laundry to the clothesline from the basement is the pain I have in my hip from carrying it. I will use my new dryer conservatively and with enthusiasm. I do wonder about entropy saving is not always saving energy.

It was sad to see the old dryer go....but the new one is fairly handsome and efficient looking and has those wonderful energy stars.

Enjoy your day...recycle if you can...and if you can figure out how common energy saving fits in with entropy and the laws of thermodynamics, let me know.

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