Monday, May 05, 2008






Say hello to some Bleuette reproduction dolls from my collection. The first three are by Anne Luree Leonard and the last one is made from wood by the Robert Raikes Company and is called a Bobette.

I have mentioned that I am moving dolls around and these three just went to a separate cabinet. They maybe moving again because I have been informed that they prefer being displayed with their furniture and other accouterments. For several years, I (and thousands of other doll collectors) have enjoyed making clothes for and displaying these dolls. At one point in the Bleuette craze, the original Bleuette dolls were selling in excess of $10,000. The fad seems to still be going strong and you can find out a lot about them here and just by Googling. There are newsletters, books, dolly dressmakers, and lots of resources for this popular doll.

My own contribution to playing with Bleuette is here and here and here.They have enjoyed thousands of visits and are such little show offs, they will enjoy your visit. Oh, I should mention they are hams! I was looking at them earlier and they just begged to be part of a blog post.

Time for coffee and then out the door.

Enjoy your day!

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