Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend adventures.....

We spent some time in the Berkshires this weekend. Edie, my 4 inch Edith Flack Ackley Pattern travel doll, was ready to travel with us. I made Edie many years ago and you can see her many adventures here and here.

On the way, we stopped off a doll show in Springfield, MA. It was kind of sad. The number of doll and antique dealers has greatly dwindled. I came away without a new doll, although I did enjoy looking at high priced, gorgeous antique bisque dolls. This doll show used to fill the huge exposition hall. A few years ago, they combined dolls dealers with with antique dealers to keep the hall filled with booths. This year the sellers were diminished in numbers. I understand that next year the show will be in a hotel.

In the next few days I will share some of my photos from the weekend. In the meantime, duty calls and I am swamped with things to do today.

Enjoy your day...even if it is a Monday!

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Dixie Redmond said...

A travel doll! What a whimsical idea. I have traveled with dolls before, but never designated one as a long-term traveling companion. ;-)