Monday, April 07, 2008

"M" Is for Monday. The week begins anew.

Seems like time flies these days. The weekend flew by in a blink of the eye. The work week starts anew for most people. Kids go to school. Monday launches the week in this country even though nearly everything is open on Sunday here.

Several posts back I mentioned making sets of alphabets that are ATC size. This spring my friend and I challenged each other to make a set of alphabet cards using anything that occurs in nature. My set used these green leaves on every letter and the M is for mint. My wise old owl was from the nature alphabet set.

Committing to 26 of ANYTHING is a big endeavor. But, we have both made several sets of alphabet cards and it has become almost routine. I have printed off all of my sets and given them for gifts. Someone I gave a set of fruit and vegetable cards to had all 26 cards framed in one big frame for her kitchen.

What would you make if you were going to make 26 things? It isn’t that hard to contemplate. How about 26 cookies? How about 26 patchwork squares? How about addressing 26 Christmas cards? See? Not so hard to contemplate!

Happy Monday. Enjoy your day.

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eileensattic said...

Yes, the weekends do fly by!
Guess that means we are having fun. :)
26 cookies would not be hard to fathom. 26 ATC's is beyond my comprehension.