Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am "spring purging." This is what I call it. This is when to get some boxes and start sorting what goes to the Goodwill, what goes to an auction, what goes to a book dealer and what goes to the garbage can. As I was working, I was near this group of dolls.

The two larger Edith Ackley pattern dolls are by the talented Carole Bailey. The smaller ones were made by me. My goal is to get these dolls and other dolls into book shelves. DH is installing glass doors on some of the shelves. He built the original books shelves which are ceiling to floor.

This meant I had to divest myself of two whole shelves of books and other things on the shelves. This also meant moving books into other rooms and purging other shelves to do that.

I notice on the organization shows on TV, they call it "editing." I call it purging.

Editing is just a euphemism for getting rid of stuff one way or the other. I have to admit I used their system of getting boxes out to sort. Very effective! One thing leads to another. It is like opening a can of worms when one purges. I keep finding more "projects" and stuff. It is an endless loop.

Enjoy your day....and if you purge, happy purging!

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eileensattic said...

Carole Bailey's dolls are gorgeous. Especially the big one. Hope they aren't going anywhere!