Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sometimes I like to mix dolls and art. A few years ago I was able to photograph a Walker doll at a doll show with permission by the seller. It was not the best photo due to poor lighting . I decided to crop it, print it off and make a collage on simple cardboard and paint over it. It is hard to tell from this scan of the collage, but there are many layers of paper and paint. It is a small collage about 7 inches square. I made changes with color and tried to enhance the image by adding components that I have seen in other photos of I.W. dolls.

Recently I have been drawing and painting a lot of dolls that are ATC size. I sell prints of them from time to time at doll club and also donate them for our clubs auctions and raffles. Fun! (Please note, this is copyrighted art.)

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