Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How beautiful is this?

I just had to share this wonderful gift!

The weather gods were against us this year so my close friend and I shared Christmas just last week! In a way, it was better than close to Christmas because opening gifts this time of year is an awful lot of fun!

She made me this most magical mermaid box--from a vintage cigar box!


Her workmanship is so fine, it is hard to imagine any human could put together such a sturdy well crafted item!  Inside is a matching mermaid charm in a sea shell box.

It is a dark day here and out house has poor light in the winter, but I think you can get the idea.  Sunshine wold make it sparkle though---

The amazing thing is that  the decorated edge of the cigar box is is the same color as the contemporary paper she used.  It is really difficult to know where one paper ends and the other begins.

She has made other beautiful boxes for me in the past and I use them to keep my jewelry.  They upstairs where I cannot see them most pf the time.  This one is so pretty in the middle of winter I have to keep it close by for a while. It screams sunshine and good weather.

It is Valentine's Day.  It isn't snowing.  That is a good thing because sometimes it is.  Hope you are having a very good day and maybe some chocolate or flowers will come your way.  Ot maybe a bluebird of happiness?

With too much time spent on social media and not enough time spent on blogs... I am feeling nostalgic for more words and less reactions. Anybody agree out there?

As always,

enjoy the day!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

June and then July...

It's been a warm summer so far!  However, we have seen an abundance of rain and that is good thing.  

For the past decade or so, it has been dry and crunchy most of the summer months.  The trees dry out and turn brown in CT, and farms suffer from weeks without rain.  This year it is a veritable  jungle in New England and very beautiful.

Edie has wanted to go out and play but it was kind of hot and humid and sometimes rainy. After the last rain she was adamant.  She visited Flamingo Park (which is actually on our deck!) and enjoyed some time with her new tiny Teddy bear.  Then she revisited the pansies for a while. 

Usually pansies are long gone by July but so far so good.  You might remember we had to build an enclosure on the deck because squirrels and other critters dug up everything I planted.  They took ONE BITE out of each tomato and they upended my cacti plants and ate the roots.  It is much calmer since we enclosed a space.

It has been a very busy time with home repairs and day trips. Time flies sometimes.We have been blessed with rainbows this year since we have had some real summer rains. This is over the rooftops across the street.

What have you been doing this summer? My creative level has been kind of low due to being busy with other things. I bought new water color paints and love then--Koi and Jane Davenport brands. I usually use Cotman or Pelican but I had coupons and was able to get all of these on sale. From time to time, I take them out and experiment with them. Have you tried watercolor brush pens that you fill with water?  They are fun to work with for small projects.

Hope that summer is treating you well and you don't have extreme weather of any variety.  We have just been through one of the hottest and most humid days in a very long time.  Glad we had a big rain!

Until next time,
enjoy the season!
Enjoy the day!

Friday, May 05, 2017

Edie and the rain...

Edie is ready to go out and garden...and so am I!   But we must wait until it stops raining. This is the rainiest spring I can remember in decades. So we will wait a bit to plant outdoors and will watch everything turn emerald from the window.

The weekend is coming up and there could be a bit of sunshine on Sunday.  Zephyr, our kitty, knows exactly what to do. She curled up on a soft blanket and slept all day... and will repeat this process every day weather or not.

I felt like a heroine in an English novel was so chilly and damp that I lighted a a fire in the fire place and made hot tea.  

Only a few days ago it was over 80 and I was wearing flip-flops and thinking about taking out summer clothes and putting away winter clothes.

Better warmer days are coming...and Edie will get to visit the great outdoors.  What about you?  Is it warm enough for to plant?  To have a picnic?  What is happening in your garden?

 Until  the next time,

happy weekend 

and enjoy the day!